Logan Industries designs and delivers new methanator pressure vessel

Source: press release, 24 August 2022

Logan Industries pressure vessel
Logan Industries pressure vessel (photo: Logan)

Logan Industries International Corporation, machine designer, manufacturer, field service and repair company, has successfully designed, manufactured and delivered a new methantor pressure vessel to produce synthetic methane for a fertiliser plant in the mid-western US.

The methanator uses methanation, a process that combines carbon dioxide with hydrogen, to produce synthetic methane. The new vessel is fabricated from chromium and molybdenum and complies with the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Recommended Practice 934C, placing Logan in the top 10% of all pressure vessel manufactures in the U.S.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan, says, “Logan is extremely pleased to participate in this effort and deliver the equipment on time to our customer. This was our first foray into API 934C specifications and we managed complex timelines, acquiring materials from both domestic and international resources and successfully mitigated a range of HSE concerns as our team completed their work within an extremely hot and challenging environment.”

Logan created the drawings, sourced materials, qualified the weld procedures and fabricated the vessel in less than 7 months. The project required each heat to be qualified by weld procedure, which included very high interpass temperatures and welding performed in extreme heat.

Carey says, “This project tested our capacity physically and mentally. We are stronger now and ready to do more. We appreciate a challenge, and our team was able to deliver the vessel to our customer with great pride.”