Global energy transition challenges addressed by 40th Flow Measurement Conference

Source: press release, 6 September 2022

Global Flow Measurement Workshop

In its 40th year, the 2022 Global Flow Measurement Workshop is sponsored by the Energy Industries Council. This year’s conference theme is “technical innovation on the road to Net Zero” and focuses on meeting the flow measurement challenges of greenhouse emissions obligations as part of the global energy transition.

The 3-day conference is the single most important event in the global flow measurement calendar, drawing in delegates from across the globe:

Hosted by TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, the conference will feature innovative technical content from industry experts around the world, including the University of Oxford, Petrobras and Aramco. Workshops will explore the challenges faced by the energy sector as stakeholders throughout the supply chain address the energy transition.

Dr Bruno Pinguet, Workshop Technical Committee Chair, says, “In today’s economic climate, if companies are not innovating then they quickly become outdated, as can be seen from the recent diversification of some major global businesses into the clean fuels sector. The Global Flow Measurement Workshop reflects the ongoing changes in the industry, as we focus on the energy transition and meeting the measurement challenges of net-zero greenhouse emissions obligations. Innovation drives growth and it is vitally important for industry to stay ahead of developments in technology, regulation and practice to deliver competitive advantage.”