SAF Eni Biojet fuels the blue livery Airbus A350 dedicated to Enzo Ferrari

Source: press release, 10 September 2022

Eni’s Livorno refinery
Eni’s Livorno refinery (photo: Eni)

ITA Airways’ new Airbus A350 with light blue livery dedicated to the legendary Enzo Ferrari made its first flight with SAF Eni Biojet at the Italian Grand Prix on 11 September in Monza, Italy.

Eni Biojet is the first SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) produced at Eni’s Livorno refinery and is mixed with 20% with Eni Jet Fuel, produced solely from waste raw materials, animal fats and used vegetable oils at Eni’s Gela biorefinery. The Eni Biojet has been tested in research laboratories, and is the first exclusive batch of SAF to come out of Eni’s Livorno refinery. From 2024, production of an additional 150,000 tonnes/year of Eni Biojet fuel will start in Gela, meeting the potential blending requirement for the Italian market by 2025.

This is a further step in the collaboration between ITA Airways, a pioneer in aviation innovation, and Eni, which is the second largest producer of HVO biofuels in Europe, thanks to its own Ecofining™ technology, which also enables the production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

In October 2021, the first 10 flights of ITA Airways used the first production of Jet fuel + Eni SAF (fuel blended with a minimal 0.5% component of renewable raw materials), and subsequently an agreement between the two companies allowed two routes, Rome-Venice and Rome-Barcelona, to be supplied by this product throughout 2022.

ITA Airways and Eni intend to pioneer innovation in air transport, and the symbolic Airbus flight dedicated to Enzo Ferrari is a perfect showcase of the two companies’ strategic path towards innovation and sustainability.

Eni and ITA Airways are related parties. Both companies applied their own internal procedure in this regard.