Kemppi introduces the new X5 FastMig Pulse

Source: press release, 23 September 2022

X5 FastMig is a 360-degree modular welding solution, allowing users to build the best setup to match their needs – choose from 400 and 500 A power sources, Manual, Auto, and Auto Pulse welding options, and complement the package with a SuperSnake GTX sub-feeding system, welding software, and a wide range of accessories (photo: Kemppi)

Kemppi has launched the X5 FastMig Pulse welding equipment specifically designed for industrial use. The modular welding solution is designed for various applications in different environments, meaning the customer can build the assembly that best suits their needs.

X5 FastMig Pulse is designed and manufactured in Finland. The multi-process welding machine for industrial welding has been developed in collaboration with professional welders. X5 FastMig Pulse is a versatile arc welding powerhouse that uses energy-efficient inverter technology. Power sources are available in 400 A and 500 A, and from October onward, with pulsed MIG welding capabilities. Eight wire feeder models are available, including new APC models supporting digital connectivity and HD models for demanding conditions.

“The ease of use, the efficiency of production processes, and good ergonomics guarantee a successful result without compromising on the excellent welding quality. Welding a TIG, MIG, or MMA process on the same system has never been so effortless,” says Product Manager John Frost.

“In addition, the X5 FastMig Pulse’s built-in data collection of welding parameters enables real-time monitoring of welding quality and work phases,” continues Frost.

Digital data collection of welding parameters requires an X5 FastMig APC wire feeder. Sales of the X5 FastMig Pulse will start in October 2022. Sales of the Master M 358 model, launched in the spring of 2022, will begin simultaneously.

WeldEye ArcVision collects data on welding parameters
WeldEye ArcVision is an integrated Industry 4.0 solution that collects welding parameters, arc-on time, and filler material consumption. Data is collected from digitally connected welding stations and transmitted wirelessly to the WeldEye ArcVision cloud service. WeldEye ArcVision visualises welding data in clear tables and graphs that can be filtered according to different needs.

“WeldEye ArcVision helps to measure welding machine operation and arc-on time and record welding parameters. Welding data visualised in tables and graphs are easy to interpret in WeldEye ArcVision, and real-time data makes welding quality monitoring more efficient and speeds up work phases,” says Vesa Tiilikka, Manager, Digital Services at Kemppi.

Buyers of the X5 FastMig can test the WeldEye ArcVision cloud service for three months free of charge. X5 FastMig Wire Feeder APC models connect to WeldEye ArcVision wirelessly and without additional devices.