Program updated: Annual Petroleum Economics Conference

Source: press release, 28 September 2022

illustration: NPF
illustration: NPF

Never before has the oil and gas industry been more profitable and never before has a stable supply of energy from Norway to Europe been more important.

Energy markets are fragile and the global events happening the last couple of years has demonstrated the importance of our industry. The Annual Petroleum Economics Conference will give you the latest and greatest insight to the macro and market environment and the key uncertainties going forward.

In the middle of turmoil, the world is continuing the energy transition to a low carbon future. Companies are trying to find low carbon industries and projects that can be profitable in the future. We will look at the ongoing activities in Norway and what the key challenges are going forward.

As always, the Annual Petroleum Economic Conference, hosted by the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF), will include several other topics relevant to the E&P professionals. A few of this year’s headlines:

  • Update on the NCS – Lars Erik Aamot, Director General, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.
  • What to do with all the cash? – Teodor Sveen Nilsen, Equity Research Analyst, SpareBank 1 Markets AS.
  • Oil markets and oil stocks – John Olaisen, Co-Head of Global Research, ABG Sundal Collier.
  • War in Ukraine and impact on the energy transition – Sverre Alvik, Director, Energy Transition Outlook, DNV.

The Annual Petroleum Economics Conference is a great opportunity to network and meet new colleagues. The 2 days in Stavanger will give you professional updates, coffee breaks, lunches, beer tasting and of course the traditional conference dinner.

Updated program and information.

Even Isachsen, NPF Project Manager