Subsea 7 charters Jones-Act compliant vessels in the Gulf of Mexico

Source: press release, 29 September 2022

IRM vessel ‘Ross Candies’
IRM vessel ‘Ross Candies’ (photo: Otto Candies LLC)

Subsea 7 has entered into four long-term vessel charter agreements with Otto Candies LLC and Bordelon Marine LLC, to strengthen offshore construction, inspection, maintenance and repair (IRM), ROV survey, and pipe/umbilical laying support operations, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Grant Candies, Wyatt Candies and Ross Candies are IRM, survey, and light construction vessels under charter with Otto Candies LLC. The Connor Bordelon is a multipurpose supply vessel under charter with Bordelon Marine LLC. The contracts have differing start dates and durations, with options for extensions.

Jonathan Perzan, Subsea 7 Operations Manager for Global IRM – Gulf of Mexico, says, “These vessel charters demonstrate Subsea 7’s commitment to this region’s inspection, repair and maintenance business, and our ability to support our clients in the Gulf of Mexico. We look forward to continuing the safe and successful operations we have been executing with Otto Candies LLC and Bordelon Marine LLC.”

Steve Wisely, Subsea 7 Senior Vice President for UK & Global IRM, says, “The continued demand for subsea services in the Gulf of Mexico region has led to these important charters for Subsea 7. The charters will support the sustainable growth of our operations and are well-positioned to secure a wide range of conventional energy and renewables opportunities, as well as other energy transition projects in the future.”