IEA releases its Monthly Electricity Statistics

Source: press release, 17 October 2022

OECD electricity production by fuel type year-to-date comparison (source: IEA)
OECD electricity production by fuel type year-to-date comparison (source: IEA)

The latest IEA’s Monthly Electricity Statistics report including July 2022 data shows that for Total OECD:

  • In the OECD, total net electricity production was 991.9 TWh in July 2022, up by 2.6% or 25.4 TWh compared to the same month last year.
  • Electricity production from renewable sources grew by +9.9% y-o-y at 299.1 TWh, confirming the positive trend observed over previous months. Both wind and solar power production increased significantly, respectively by +26.6% y-o-y and +24.0% y-o-y, while hydropower production dropped by 1.6% y-o-y, mainly because of severe drought conditions affecting several countries in the OECD Europe region.
  • Nuclear electricity production in total OECD dropped by 8.1% at 141.9 TWh, as output in the OECD Europe region remains at historically low levels. Consequently, the share of nuclear power in the OECD electricity mix fell to only 14.3%.
  • Electricity production from combustible fuels increased by 2.2% y-o-y at 575.5 TWh, with higher output from natural gas power plants (+8.2% y-o-y) compensating for lower electricity generation from coal (-6.0% y-o-y). In particular, electricity production from natural gas grew in all OECD regions, driven by the OECD Americas, where the highest increase was observed (+10.0% y-o-y). Overall, the share of natural gas in the OECD electricity mix reached 33.2%.

Highlight of the month
In Brazil, electricity production from renewable sources increased by 24.7% y-o-y at 48.5 TWh in July 2022. Electricity generation from wind power amounted to 8.4 TWh, representing a 16.6% increase compared to July 2021 and pushing the share of wind in the electricity mix to 16.1%, a record-high for the country. Solar power production also increased by 66.1% y-o-y at 1.8 TWh, reaching a 3.4% share in the electricity mix. Finally, hydropower production went back to standard levels at 31.1 TWh, up by +31.7% y-o-y, as the country recovered from last year’s extremely severe drought.

The IEA’s Monthly Electricity Statistics features electricity production and trade data for all OECD Member Countries and electricity production data for a selection of other economies. The latest dataset is available below in CSV.

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