Greensea Systems, Inc. supports Blue Future Conference in Plymouth

Source: press release, 20 October 2022

CEO and Founder of Greensea Systems, Ben Kinnaman
CEO and Founder of Greensea Systems, Ben Kinnaman (photo: Greensea)

Ben Kinnaman, CEO and Founder of Greensea Systems, Inc. will be speaking at next week’s Blue Future Conference 2022 – The Now and Next of Plymouth’s Marine Economy, 24-25 October in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Blue Future Conference 2022 is designed to bring together organisations and key stakeholders in the marine economy of South-eastern Massachusetts to share and discuss latest innovations in support of advancing the management of marine resources.

Kinnaman is founder of Greensea Systems, Inc., (Greensea), developer of an open architecture software platform for marine robotics, OPENSEA. OPENSEA enables easy integration of third-party robotic hardware, with around 2,500 robotic systems currently operating on the platform. Kinnaman is also CEO of Armach Robotics, Inc. (Armach) and Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, which are built on OPENSEA.

Armach is revolutionising ship husbandry by harnessing the intelligence and autonomy of robotics, and Bayonet Ocean Vehicles’ amphibious crawlers provide autonomous mine countermeasures for the beach and surf zone environment.

The conference is aimed at local marine businesses, tech businesses and stakeholders interested in advancing the Marine Economy and its key industry sectors of the region, including marine technology, ocean harvesting and kelp production.

“The future of ocean business is about collaboration and technology integration,” says Kinnaman, “and I am pleased to be able to share our experiences and expertise in support of our local marine economy.”

In addition to the conference element, breakout sessions will offer the opportunity for in-depth discussions and solution exploration, including on Marine Technology in Practice with David Pearson, Greensea’s Senior Robotics Engineer.

Greensea operates from three locations, Richmond, VT, Plymouth, MA, and San Diego, CA and its continued expansion of its workforce has created several job openings. Interested parties can monitor these opportunities at