EU tightens requirements for hydrogen infrastructure

Source: press release, 21 October 2022

Hynion AS co-founder and CEO, Ulf Hafseld
Hynion AS co-founder and CEO, Ulf Hafseld (photo: Hynion AS)

On 19 October, the EU Parliament adopted its proposal for new EU rules for infrastructure for alternative fuels. At the same time, they tightened the requirements and brought forward the deadline for implementation.

For hydrogen, this means that the distance between stations on the EU’s main roads will be changed from 150 km to 100 km. Furthermore, the deadline for this was moved from 2031 to 2028.

Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion AS, comments, “For Hynion, this is an important decision and shows that there will be a need for several new hydrogen stations in the coming years. In Sweden, the authorities have started an active policy to promote this, and Hynion is already building four new hydrogen stations with high capacity in central locations.”

If adopted, these proposals will become a mandatory national target, and member states have until 2024 to come up with a plan on how to achieve the goals.