New YSA Design Chairman sets course for collaboration

Source: press release, 24 October 2022

YSA Design Chairman, Jan Krefting (photo: YSA Design)
YSA Design Chairman, Jan Krefting (photo: YSA Design)

YSA Design has appointed Jan Krefting as its new Chairman, in a move timed to take greater advantage of collective working as the Oslo-based ship design company responds to an upturn in cruise industry concept and project work.

A partner and YSA Design Senior Architect, Krefting is well-known to industry decision-makers for his collaborative approach in interpreting owner aspirations and converting them into elegant, practical and deliverable designs, based on a 35-year career in ship design. With cruise ship newbuilding projects restarted and demand for refurbishment of older vessels re-emerging fast, Krefting said he sought to sustain the internal collaborations which often mark out YSA Design’s best and most original work.

“First and foremost, YSA Design is a team and – like any team – its best results are achieved by working together to exploit the range of skills, talents and approaches available. Collaboration that is focused and led from the center is also beneficial because it keeps all of us in touch with the latest design trends, and with developments in the cruise and ferry sectors,” says Krefting.

Krefting continues, “As well as design flair and developing ships for new and challenging locations, we need to offer solutions which take account of fuel emissions regulations, new energy sources, sustainable materials, and efficient solutions for air conditioning, water and waste management. We also need to design for the full life cycle of the ship, up to and including its sustainable disposal.”

The appointment also represents a division of labour which will allow former YSA Design Chairman, Trond Sigurdsen, to give greater focus to the innovative design and project work for which the company is also recognised, Krefting said. Sigurdsen remains a member of the YSA Design board and a company partner and will continue to make a hands-on contribution to YSA Design.

Krefting’s appointment coincides with an expansion of the YSA Design board to include Anna Storbraaten, as an Executive Member. A Partner and Senior Architect with YSA Design, Storbraaten joined the company in 2009 and has since demonstrated her passion for optimising the balance between functionality and good design across a range of projects.

Anne-Mari Gullikstad, Chief Executive, YSA Design, comments, “We are delighted that Jan has agreed to take over as Chairman, to offer the experience and guidance our teams need as we focus our efforts on renewed growth in challenging times. We also welcome Anna as the first woman to join the board, and look forward to continuing to work closely with Trond as he switches focus to the creative and development work which has always been such a vital part of his contribution to YSA Design.”