Tietoevry selected as Aker BP’s new digital services partner

Source: press release, 27 October 2022

photo: Aker BP
photo: Aker BP

Norwegian oil exploration and production (E&P) company Aker BP and Tietoevry have entered into new long-term partnership to deliver on Aker BP’s high ambitions on digitalised operations.

The new partnership is significant in scope both in terms of volume and breadth of services. Tietoevry as the digital transformation partner delivers to Aker BP a broad set of next-generation digital services, focused on systematic modernisation of Aker BP’s application management and core operations as well as their cloud and infrastructure environment.

The profound co-operation will drive flexibility and agility in Aker BP’s business operations, and pave the way for enhancing automation, enabling cloud management and driving data-driven operations at Aker BP.

Creating sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact on customers and societies is in the core of Tietoevry’s sustainability agenda. Aker BP also has an ambitious sustainability roadmap and milestones, including decarbonisation plan to be net zero across all operations by 2030. In this spirit, the new partnership also contributes to these agendas.

Aker BP is a new customer for Tietoevry. The contract is valid for 5 years, with an option for an extension of several additional years.