Aliaxis takes position in sustainable packaging industry to reduce water consumption and invests in PulPac

Source: press release, 8 November 2022

PulPac is developing dry moulding fibre manufacturing technology
PulPac is developing dry moulding fibre manufacturing technology (photo: PulPac)

Aliaxis SA, which enables access to water and energy through fluid management solutions, announces moving forward in reducing industrial water consumption by investing in PulPac, a company developing dry moulding fibre manufacturing technology without any wet process.

This investment is part of sustainable water management, which is a key area of focus for Aliaxis Next, Aliaxis’s newly created division that develops adjacent businesses in the field of water management and preservation.

PulPac is a Swedish provider of dry fibre manufacturing technology. This production method does not involve any wet processes as air is used to compact the fibres into a mould. PulPac estimates that its dry moulding technology will save up to one billion litres of water by 2025, which is enough to provide water to 135,000 people for a year, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

PulPac is a privately held company, founded in 2018, focused on the innovation of dry molded fibre technology supporting the transition from single-use plastics to sustainable, fibre-based packaging. The company employs 68 people and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Aliaxis exists to bring solutions to world’s water challenges. Thus, we are investing in solutions to support industrial customers, such as the sustainable packaging industry, in reducing water consumption. PulPac’s dry moulded fibre technology offers a true alternative to the traditional moulding technology, which consumes large quantities of water. This technology is exactly the type of innovation we need to preserve water. Ultimately, every drop counts,” says Eric Olsen, CEO of Aliaxis

“At Aliaxis Next, we are on a mission to better manage and preserve our water resources. We are excited to help PulPac to scale up their growth to make this ground-breaking water-saving technology more widely available,” comments Fredrik Östbye, Head of Aliaxis Next.

The financial details of this agreement will not be disclosed.