zero44 to provide CO₂ management tools to MPC Container Ships

Source: press release, 8 November 2022

Co-Founder and Managing Director of zero44, Friederike Hesse
Co-Founder and Managing Director of zero44, Friederike Hesse (photo: zero44)

Berlin-based zero44 has announced a partnership with MPC Container Ships, one of the world’s largest container ship owners. After a joint development and testing phase that began in February 2022, MPC Container Ships will now use zero44’s digital CO2 management solution for its entire fleet.

Spun off by company builder Flagship Founders in May 2022, zero44 has developed a CO2 management software for commercial vessels. The software focuses on the implications of the CII and the EU ETS regulation. With zero44’s digital solution, shipping companies gain control over the emissions of their vessels as well as concrete decision-making aids for their commercial planning. zero44 thus helps shipping companies to make the most sensible cost- and revenue-driven decisions in view of the new regulatory framework.

Shipping must become emission free, but the necessary technologies and fuels are not yet globally available at scale. At the same time, the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) will come into force from January 2023. The new EU regulations (EU ETS) are also expected to be applied soon, an important change for the shipping industry. The zero44 team has set itself the task of helping shipping companies in the bridge phase toward true zero emissions to manage and optimise their CO2 emissions in the best possible way and to make the most economically sensible decisions. Since February 2022 zero44 has been developing this software, working closely with MPC Container Ships and a second partner to tailor it to the needs of companies in the best possible way.

“We are pleased to enter into a partnership with zero44,” says Philipp Niesing, responsible for Marine Decarbonisation Solutions in the MPC Group. “Zero emissions is the ultimate goal for the entire industry and at MPC Container Ships, we aim to keep all vessels in our fleet consistently compliant under the new CII scheme from January 2023. To do this, we need software that will allow us to monitor the CII rating daily. With zero44, we will be able to coordinate the deployment of our vessels with the respective charterers and jointly ensure that the CII targets are met throughout the charter year. The partnership so far has been very fruitful and educational for both sides, and we are looking forward to our future cooperation as well.”

Friederike Hesse, Co-Founder and Managing Director of zero44, adds, “The work with MPC Container Ships has clearly proven the benefits of our solution. We are pleased that the company entered into a joint development process with us so early on, which is now bearing fruit. From now on, we want to focus on the rollout for the broad market and the consistent further development of our solution.”

zero44’s software is already available for shipping companies and offers comprehensive CO2 management aimed at commercial optimisation of CO2 planning. The company also aims to support shipping companies with all aspects of implementing EU ETS legislation, including purchasing and trading carbon credits.