Training facility announces significant staff and portfolio growth

Source: press release, 16 November 2022

From left, Alexander Moggach, John Toet, Steve Anderson and Peter Emmerson
From left, Alexander Moggach, John Toet, Steve Anderson and Peter Emmerson (photo: Aberdeen Training Centre)

A North east training facility has made further strides forward with its ambitious growth plans, thanks to two key appointments and a portfolio expansion.

Torry-based Aberdeen Training Centre has welcomed apprentice heating engineer Alexander Moggach to the team, along with lead technical engineer Peter Emmerson who will focus on increasing the company’s knowledge of and foothold in the renewables market.

In addition, recent completion of F-Gas certification by founder Steve Anderson, John Toet and Peter Emmerson has ensured upskilling in the installation, maintenance and servicing of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment.

Aberdeen Training Centre – located at Crombie House – is forging a powerful reputation for being ahead of the energy transition curve by offering training in the very latest, next generation plumbing and heating systems. It also provides important reskilling opportunities for those seeking to embark on new chapters in their energy sector careers.

Recently, the knowledge hub has experienced a sharp upturn in enquiries from prospective students, drawn not only by the quality of training on offer but also by the high employment rate upon qualification.

Aberdeen Training Centre (ATC) was established by Steve Anderson in March last year to revolutionise energy training with a forward-thinking approach fuelled by a passion for embracing “clean energy” solutions. It recently announced GBP 340,000 investment in its Aberdeen facilities to pursue an unstinting desire to inspire existing and prospective sector colleagues with easy-to-access in-person and online training courses which consolidate quality training using real-life examples.

Commenting on recent growth, Steve Anderson of Aberdeen Training Centre says, “In order to correctly position ourselves within an evolving market, it is important for us to grow our offering and ensure that our own knowledge and training is the very best it can be.”

Peter Emmerson adds, “Ensuring that we continue our own learning journeys puts us in the best possible position to help our students fulfil their own reskilling and upskilling ambitions, in line with the latest industry and market requirements.”