EGM pilots world’s first multi-sensing grid monitoring system on transmission lines

Source: press release, 24 November 2022

photo: EGM
photo: EGM

Electrical Grid Monitoring, Inc. (EGM), provider of transmission and distribution grid monitoring, have launched the world’s first deployment of multi-sensing systems on transmission lines to increase network capacity, integrate more renewable energy into the grid and support surging demand for clean electricity. The Meta-Alert™ Grid Operation and Management System will collect real-time insights on over 60 parameters from voltage to temperature across a 161-kV transmission line in the Middle East to enable Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), which harnesses favourable weather conditions to safely boost grid capacity without power lines overheating, helping bring more renewable energy into the grid.

Currently, utilities can only roughly estimate the temperature of overhead power lines which means transmission lines are often carrying up to 20% less than the true safe limits of their capacity. This leaves many transmission networks unable to move enough power from faraway renewable sources to support the decarbonisation of the economy and sustain soaring demand for electricity. A recent report suggested the world needs USD 14 trillion of additional grid infrastructure to support renewables and much of this is due to under-utilisation of existing assets. Meta-Alert™ can analyse myriad environmental and other parameters in real-time which can be combined with weather forecasts to accurately predict the true potential load capacity of networks for days ahead, helping increase network efficiency and usage without new infrastructure.

The technology also provides live sensing, analytics, and reporting of every parameter from voltage levels and current capacity to the location of power loss or faults across entire networks. This has additional applications from predictive maintenance and power loss prevention to balancing renewable supply and demand in real-time and even improving grid resilience against extreme weather.

Amir Cohen, Founder & CEO of EGM says, “Electricity infrastructure has become the bottleneck in efforts to decarbonise our economies partly because a lack of data means we are under-estimating the true capacity of our transmission networks. With renewable generation projected to account for 50% of the power mix by 2030, operators need the ability to accurately estimate power line temperatures based on rich data analytics to help safely increase grid load so that transmission lines can integrate more renewable power. This world-first pilot of multi-sensing systems on transmission networks will show how advanced sensors and analytics could help us accurately measure line temperatures to safely maximise power grid capacity without costly new infrastructure. This could help reduce energy waste and boost the efficiency of existing infrastructure to address rising global energy costs and shortages.”