Vattenfall’s new D&I Officer keen to continue making a difference

Source: press release, 29 November 2022

Andreas Regnell, Vattenfall’s D&I Officer
Andreas Regnell, Vattenfall’s D&I Officer (photo: Vattenfall)

Andreas Regnell, Head of Strategic Development, is Vattenfall’s new D&I Officer and thus responsible for ensuring that the diversity and inclusion work is given the right platform over the next 2 years.

Responsibility for diversity and inclusion at Vattenfall shifts between members of the Executive Group Management team, EGM. Andreas Regnell, Head of Strategic Development, has held the position since the first of September.

For Regnell, there are three main aspects of the diversity and inclusion area that are important and need attention. The first is social responsibility, that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equal. The second is about performance.

“It is known that diverse teams perform better, as there is a greater range of skills, perspectives and experiences, which means you have a broader knowledge pool and thus a better basis for decision-making. There are numerous research reports on the topic, but they also address the importance of leadership. To make full use of diversity everyone needs to feel they can contribute, so it is up to us as leaders to create an open and inclusive work environment. To be competitive, we need to have access to, and make the most of, diverse perspectives, knowledge and skills,” says Regnell.

The third aspect Andreas Regnell points out is about talent attraction: If we fail to reach out to the wider society when recruiting, we risk missing out on hiring the best talents just because they don’t represent the norm.

“Our own prejudice, or bias, has an impact on how we define competence and we must be aware of that. We need to be an employer that is seen to be open and attractive to everyone. If we are to attract all the talented people needed in the coming years, we will have to look more broadly. And the work doesn’t stop with finding and bringing in diverse talent. Instead it is then up to us to make sure everyone feels truly included. I also believe this will make Vattenfall much a more fun company for all employees,” Regnell says.

The performance and talent aspects are the ones that Regnell, during his 2 years as D&I Officer, wants to focus on, because he believes these need more attention and because they are strategically important.

“I am keen to continue the work that has been done so far and want us to do more than meet legal requirements. I want to step up our efforts and be even more proactive. A greater focus on performance and access to a wider talent pool will help drive how attractive and competitive we are, and ensure we seize, as well as create, opportunities,” he says.

Regnell describes the current situation as that “many are aware that they are not aware enough” and that there is a great ambition and motivation to be better in the organisation, but that Vattenfall needs to show the way forward even more clearly.

“We need clearer direction on how we can improve and a vision and examples to inspire us to change our behaviours,” Regnell says. “I hope that we can reach a position where being inclusive is a natural part of how we do things. My vision for Vattenfall is that we will become an even more dynamic company filled with a diverse mix of people, one that others want to join because we are a great place to work and because we’re doing amazing things to make a difference.”