Pipe bevelling machine clamps easily, self-centres and squares

Source: press release, 3 January 2023

The Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler
The Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler (photo: Esco Tool)

A pipe beveler that is easy to operate for performing precision end preps on pipe from 114 mm I.D. to 610 mm O.D. to assure high-integrity welds has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler is an I.D. clamping welding end prep tool that aligns perfectly using self-centring clamps and can incorporate four blades in order to bevel, face, and bore or create a compound bevel. Featuring an adjustable tool post for easily indexing the blades, it can perform 37.5° to 10° compound bevels on a 610 mm O.D. pipe with a 65 mm thick wall and is offered with air, electric, and hydraulic powered motors.

Equipped with a patented safety spring hanger for easy positioning and clamping, the Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler uses one mandrel and a set of three wide clamps that provide six points of contact to the pipe I.D. to mount rigidly and ensure chatter-free operation. This machine requires no cutting oils and is well-suited for use in fabrication shops or on-site.

The Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler is priced from USD 23,995.00 and is available for rent; rental inquiries invited.