Exploring the use of hydrogen rainbow in the downstream sector at PRC Europe 2023

Source: press release, 13 January 2023

illustration: BGS Group
illustration: BGS Group

The Petrochemical and Refining Congress: Europe 2023 gathers representatives from oil and gas majors, EPCs, refineries and petrochemical plants, licensors, chemical companies, equipment manufacturers, and service providers to share their insights on getting clean hydrogen into the downstream and look at the hydrogen roadmap on May 22-24, 2023 in Austria.

The term hydrogen rainbow isn’t new for the downstream industry with the grey hydrogen being the most common type from the range used in the sector. As forecasts show, its demand won’t go down to balance the hydrogen market with upcoming alternatives – blue and green hydrogen.

Achieving the net-zero target by using green hydrogen is one of the most essential goals for downstream key players. For instance, recently Aramco, the Saudi oil giant, and Sinopec, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., have signed an agreement to collaborate on carbon capture and hydrogen production processes.

The collaboration of the whole value chain is crucial to reach main goals. That is why the Petrochemical and Refining Congress: Europe 2023 is a great platform that provides its participants with the opportunity to establish new partnerships and meet industry key players. At the same time the PRC Europe 2023 isn’t only about networking, since the agenda of the Congress covers the questions of biorefining, meaning of alternative transportation fuels, decarbonisation, recycling technologies and many others.

The first session of PRC Europe 2023 is dedicated to clean hydrogen impact on the downstream sector. The session is supported by IET Innovation, which is a part of Novargi Industries. The participants are going to investigate the use of the hydrogen rainbow in industrial processes, overview ways towards affordable green hydrogen and present top hydrogen electrolyser projects. Among the speakers are representatives from NEUMAN & ESSER, Aramco Overseas, Andrade Gutierrez, and Bayernoil.

Some of the speakers have already shared their main points for discussions: Mohamed A.Elreheem, an engineering manager, is presenting Aramco projects in the area of hydrogen, ammonia and CCUS (carbon capture, utilisation, and storage). The report covers opportunities and challenges for low-carbon hydrogen (blue) production, transport and storage based on company experience.

Another speaker, Gabriel Marangon Enes do Vale, a downstream business development manager, is introducing Andrade Gutierrez’s current developments dynamics on Brazil’s Northeast for blue and green hydrogen developments, and how this region could quickly become an export-based zone for hydrogen towards developed markets.

Join the session about the hydrogen rainbow at PRC Europe 2023: https://sh.bgs.group/c2