Green Economy partners with Pilot Group to inspire Manchester businesses towards net zero

Source: press release, 26 January 2023

Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pilot Group, Simone Peppi
Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pilot Group, Simone Peppi (photo: Pilot Group)

Manchester-based sustainability expert, Pilot Group, has partnered with Green Economy in a bid to build a greener, net-zero economy, powered by local businesses.

The partnership will see Simone Peppi, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pilot Group, join the Green Economy advisory board.

With both Pilot Group and Green Economy focused on driving the transition towards net-zero emissions, the partnership will look to provide opportunities and expertise for Greater Manchester organisations to grow their carbon reduction efforts.

Green Economy strives to develop the green technologies and services sector and increase confidence in the technologies and businesses at the heart of the transition towards net zero. The Marketplace showcases installers, suppliers and providers of green tech solutions helping buyers to navigate this complex and fast-moving sector.

Pilot Group support businesses with emissions reduction, helping businesses to reduce energy consumption, meet regulatory requirements and take significant steps on the path to net zero. The company operates across a number of green technologies and services, working with clients in energy management, EV charging and intelligent transport systems.

Recently Pilot Group bolstered its energy management team with the appointment of new Managing Director Lee Morgan, who will be tasked with progressing the company towards it ambition of saving businesses across the UK GBP 1.2 million in energy costs.

Key to this will be Pilot Group’s energy management system offering, which is designed to control and monitor energy systems for businesses, with its smart sensors and self-learning algorithm enabling heating systems to work more efficiently to reduce waste.

Over the past three decades, Pilot Group, has supported businesses across the UK to make financial and energy savings and reduce their carbon emissions, saving an average of 40% on their energy bills each year.

With the partnership finalised between Green Economy and Pilot Group, both parties are looking forward to working collaboratively together to help businesses in the Greater Manchester region to scale and grow their carbon reduction efforts.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pilot Group as a Green Economy partner,” says Amy House, Director of Green Economy. “We’ve supported the business as a client and seen them flourish over recent years as they cement their position as a leader in carbon reduction and sustainable development. This partnership demonstrates the opportunities for businesses in this sector to quickly scale and grow, and I look forward to bringing the Group’s expertise into our strategic planning.”

Simone Peppi, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pilot Group, says, “Green Economy have supported us and helped our business grow, we hope this new partnership will increase the opportunity for more businesses in the sector to grow as we work together to navigate the transition to net zero.”

Lee Morgan, Managing Director of Pilot Group’s Energy Management Division, says, “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Green Economy, who have a proven track record in inspiring the transition towards greener technologies and a reduction in carbon emissions among businesses.”

“Pilot Group has seen first-hand how effective Green Economy can be in supporting businesses to achieve their ambitions, and we’re delighted to work with them and share our expertise to ensure that businesses have the tools needed to drive towards a net-zero economy,” Morgan adds.