Smart new compact power modules reduce drive cabinet by 30%

Source: press release, 2 February 2023

CG Drives & Automation offers a new range of VFDs for 160-4000 kW, 230-690 V (photo: CG Drives & Automation)

CG Drives & Automation presents a new range of variable frequency drives (VFDs) for 160-4000 kW, 230-690 V within the Emotron brand. The range includes many new frame sizes for high power drives.

The new sizes are based on the new smart 365-A Power Electronic Building Blocks (PEBBs). These power modules now have a significantly improved power density and their unique construction offers flexibility and redundancy. The result is up to 30% width reduction in the final drive cabinet.

Product Manager Jos van den Nouwland explains the unique modular power concept: “Our PEBBs have their own built-in protection. They support and protect one another. They are also interchangeable, making them ideal for applications where continuous operation is important. Emotron high power cabinet drives are easily built to preferred power, either in two-stack or three-stack PEBB cabinet configurations for flexibility.”

Advanced Emotron drive technology boasts a drive efficiency of 98%. All Emotron FDU and VFX drives are equipped with air-cooled heatsinks with heat pipe technology, communication with all main fieldbuses and remote access.

Jos van den Nouwland who has a long experience of the company’s technology base continues, “All Emotron drives are jam-packed with technology to protect your equipment and optimise your operation. For example, every drive is equipped with load monitor function as standard. Reliability is key to our success and that requires attention to detail. We make sure that even the smart temperature/speed control of DC-powered cabinets optimises fan lifetime and efficiency.”

We offer flexibility when constructing cabinets for high power drives. Air or liquid cooling, special filters, communication and telemetry are only some of the choices on offer.

GG Drives & Automation has more than 40 years’ experience in customised solutions of VFDs. The company has its headquarters in Sweden where also the biggest part of the R&D department is located. “We take great pride in adding value with our deep application knowledge. It should be easy to contact a drive application expert in your field. The most energy efficient outcome is always based on a specialised solution that solves your unique challenge,” van den Nouwland concludes.