Subsea power distribution systems, enablers for long-distance subsea tie-back developments and energy intensive processing activities on the seafloor, can also be used for wind

Building the perfect toolbox for a low-carbon world

Subsea technologies can accelerate decarbonisation across oil and gas, electrification and renewables, shares Truls Normann, senior vice president for subsea energy transition at sector specialist Aker Solutions. Technology will play a central role in meeting […]

‘Understanding how organisational culture impacts safety and the use of precise forecasts that help to prevent accidents relies on unique, high-volume data’ – Dr Torkel Soma, Chief Scientific Officer at Oslo-based safety specialist SAYFR

New approach to maritime safety needed

For years, the shipping industry has focused on regulations and procedures to improve safety. Yet shipping is still at risk of major accidents. The whole industry needs to change its focus. Ticking boxes never made […]