The Liebherr Type MTC 78000, with an 89-metre-long girder-mast boom fabricated from 200 mm thick Dillinger plate

Backbone of giants

High-strength heavy plate from Dillinger is indispensable wherever the format, stability and quality of the steels used are of existential importance. In Liebherr’s Type MTC 78000 heavy-lift offshore cranes, for example, the 2,000 tonnes lifting […]

Hywind Scotland – five turbines at Buchan Deep August 2017 (photo: Equinor/Øyvind Gravås/Woldcam)

Energy dividend – Norwegian wind

Generating electricity in Norway has always enjoyed a clean and green reputation. With a mountainous terrain and abundant water resources, hydroelectric power generation provides nearly all the country’s electricity needs. Complementing hydroelectric with wind-generated power […]

V-SUPPLY – Viper Innovations

Subsea line testing without disconnects

Maintaining and monitoring subsea electrical networks can be a costly and time-consuming task. Several different topside devices are used to support these networks including electrical power modules, controller modules and monitoring devices. Line integrity monitoring […]