ABS Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Patrick Ryan

ABS and HHI design optimised LNG carriers

ABS and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) have completed a joint development project (JDP) to develop an optimised LNG carrier design. The JDP resulted in a new LNG carrier hull design, as well as optimisation of […]

The ‘Aurora Botnia’, Wasaline’s new environmentally friendly ferry, will be supported with a long-term Wärtsilä Optimised Maintenance Agreement

Wärtsilä ensures optimal performance and minimal carbon footprint for world’s most environmentally friendly ferry

The technology group Wärtsilä and Wasaline, the Finnish-Swedish ferry operator, have signed a 10-year Optimised Maintenance agreement covering the company’s new ferry, the Aurora Botnia. The agreement was signed in June 2021 but became effective […]

Wärtsilä’s testing of ammonia as a viable fuel for shipping and energy sector applications is part of its future fuels development programme

Wärtsilä and SHI agree to collaborate on ammonia fuelled engines for future newbuilds

The technology group Wärtsilä and the Korean shipbuilding company Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) have signed a joint development programme (JDP) agreement aimed at developing ammonia-fuelled vessels with 4-stroke auxiliary engines available for future newbuild projects. […]