Clarity EA grease 0 is designed for extreme applications in wet and corrosive environments, such as rudder carrier pumps, slides, hinges, and propeller caps

Chevron Marine launches Clarity Synthetic EA Grease 0

Chevron Marine Lubricants has announced the launch of its Clarity Synthetic EA Grease 0, an anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease based on biodegradable synthetic esters that meet the parameters specified in the 2013 Vessel General […]

Clean piston: It is vital for cylinder oils that have Category II status to have excellent performance, centred on their cleaning ability

Chevron Marine Lubricants successfully completes testing of new marine cylinder oil meeting MAN ES’ Category II requirements

Chevron Marine Lubricants’ new Taro Ultra Advanced 40 has passed the Main NOL (No Objection Letter) Service and Confirmation field tests by MAN Energy Solutions, which allows the oil’s uninterrupted use in their Mk 9 […]

‘Sanderus’, Jan De Nul Group’s trailing suction hopper dredger and ultra-low emission vessel

Chevron HDAX 9700 oil gains unique approval for MAN four-stroke engines using gas or distillate fuels

Chevron Marine Lubricants’ low sulphated ash trunk piston engine oil Chevron HDAX 9700 has become the first lubricant to gain time-unrestricted approval for use with MAN Energy Solutions’ four-stroke engines running on either LNG or […]