The METIS cloud-based platform supports compliance and long-term environmental goals

METIS adds new functionality to cloud-based platform to enhance decarbonisation and compliance support

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA has launched a new set of tools to help shipping companies manage their environmental impact and achieve their decarbonisation goals while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Comprising three distinct but related […]

There are increasing market demands for safety and sustainability when recycling ship tonnage

Sea Sentinels – ‘Nowhere to hide’ for profit-driven shipowners under green recycling regime

Many shipowners remain focused on maximising profit by gaining the highest offer price when scrapping vessels but risk a business backlash from non-compliant shipbreaking practices amid increasing market and regulatory pressure for green recycling, according […]

Chevron Shipping joins the Sea Cargo Charter, an organisation that sets a benchmark for what it means to be a responsible charterer in the maritime sector (photo: Business Wire)

Chevron Shipping joins Sea Cargo Charter

Chevron Shipping Company has joined the Sea Cargo Charter, a benchmark initiative for responsible shipping activities, transparent greenhouse gas reporting, and improved decision making in line with United Nations decarbonisation targets. The Sea Cargo Charter […]

The ABS SIM-based Energy Efficiency Evaluation Service enables design stage assessment of decarbonisation technologies

Harnessing technology to decarbonise shipping

SIM is a technology with the potential to make a significant contribution to maritime decarbonisation, writes Patrick Ryan, ABS. One of the biggest problems for shipowners seeking to understand how environmental regulation will impact the […]

The gas reformer produces hydrogen from natural gas for use as engine fuel, while the CO₂ produced is captured and stored onboard

Wärtsilä and RINA partner with other stakeholders to deliver a viable hydrogen fuel solution to meet IMO 2050 target

The technology group Wärtsilä, together with class society RINA, ABB, Helbio – a subsidiary of Metacon AB, the Liberian Registry, and an energy major have joined forces in an effort to deliver a solution with […]