Felix Früh, Kistler Head of Plastics

Kistler appoints new Head of Plastics

Since the beginning of October, Felix Früh has been Head of the Kistler Group’s Plastics Business Unit. A trained physicist, Früh brings many years of experience in the industrial goods sector and in the conceptual […]

Dr Bernard Ćosić, Manager Gas Turbine Combustion, with his colleague Judith Pähr at the high-pressure combustion test facility at MAN Energy Solutions

Firing up enthusiasm for new power technologies

Fuel-flexible gas turbines from MAN Energy Solutions combine high efficiency with low emissions – these pioneering energy supply solutions are an ideal choice for municipal utilities and industrial applications. During the development phase and also […]

M8 miniature cylinder pressure sensor: Besides its measurement precision, the sensor offers engineers various installation options

Kistler unveils advanced version of their smallest water-cooled miniature cylinder pressure sensor

With the M8 miniature cylinder pressure sensor (6041C), Kistler launches the smallest water-cooled cylinder pressure sensor. It incorporates state-of-the-art PiezoStar crystals and yields precise measurement results thanks to improvements to its design and manufacturing process. […]