illustration: NKT Photonics

NKT to divest NKT Photonics

NKT has entered into an agreement to divest NKT Photonics, to Photonics Management Europe S.R.L, a 100% owned subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. which is a Japanese company engaged in developing photoelectric devices and application […]

NKT is a global power cable provider with extensive experience within high-voltage cable systems to both on- and offshore projects

NKT receives order for second system of SuedOstLink, extension of one of the German high-voltage DC corridor projects

NKT has received an extension order for the SuedOstLink project of less than EUR 700 million by the German transmission system operator 50Hertz. The order is an extension of the SuedOstLink project adding a second, […]