Chief technical officer at Add Energy, Terje Løkke-Sørensen

Industry experts lead new training service

Add Energy, the international energy consultancy, has launched its industry-first training academy, specialising in drilling and well engineering, operations and maintenance, as well as safety and risk management. This announcement strengthens its commitment to upskilling […]

Carbon Fibre PA12 in TCP applications certified for up to 30-year lifetime

Strohm and Evonik’s Carbon Fibre PA12 for Thermoplastic Composite Pipe receives DNV certification for hydrocarbons transport

Strohm and Evonik have been awarded the full certification from DNV, attesting that the unidirectional Carbon Fibre PA12 tape “VESTAPE® PA12-CF” (PA12) used for Strohm’s Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) is fit to use for dynamic […]