BAM demand by type (Source: Rystad Energy Batteries Solution, Rystad Energy research and analysis/illustration: Rystad Energy)

Fake it till you make it: Synthetic graphite holds the key to meeting battery demand surge, despite ESG concerns

As demand for electric vehicles (EVs) soars, spurred by government incentives and a push to decarbonize the transportation sector, the global battery industry is set to attract significant attention and investment. Rystad Energy forecasts total […]

Solar PV manufacturing capacity / Battery cell manufacturing capacity (source: Rystad Energy’s SolarSupplier Solution, Battery Solution, Rystad Energy research and analysis)

Europe’s renewable energy supply chain under threat from soaring power prices, 25% of solar and battery manufacturing capacity at risk

Record-breaking electricity prices across Europe are damaging the continent’s attempts to build a reliable low-carbon supply chain and reach its decarbonisation targets, as solar and battery manufacturers face mounting costs. Rystad Energy research shows that […]