ZX 300 Lidar

ZX 300 – the most validated wind Lidar in the world

The largest body of evidence of any Remote Sensing Device, comparing the device’s performance to an IEC met mast, has been released by ZX Lidars. The evidence summarises 500 individual ZX 300 ground-based vertically-profiling wind […]

Megajoule and ZX Lidars sign Lidar contract for Adriatic at WindEurope Electric City 2021

Contract signing at WindEurope Electric City 2021 as wind Lidar heads to the Adriatic to support a low carbon development strategy for gas platforms

A confidential owner of oil and gas platforms in the North Adriatic Concession area has contracted renewable energy consultancy Megajoule to install multiple wind Lidars as part of the company’s Low Carbon Development Strategy. The […]